Photography TIPS and IDEAS for Sossusvlei NAMIBIA

Welcome to the second video in this short Namibia 2022 series. In this episode we explore Sossusvlei and this corner of the Namib-Naukluft National Park of Namibia.

My idea in this video is to share with you some tips, tricks and ideas for what and how you can photograph while in the park. There are some specifics and some other general ideas for what you can capture during your trip. I’m sure you’ll find these ideas useful if even for general landscape photography.

Big shout out to @BrendanvanSon and everyone who joined us on the trip. Also you at home for following along on the journey. Next up is Canada for Xmas with the family and then Antarctica in the new year!! See you there.

#sossusvlei #namibia #landscapephotography

Sometimes I get asked about royalty free music and the tracks I use. The music in this video was sourced via Soundstripe. Not Epidemic, Artlist or Music Bed but Soundstripe. It’s awesome and I genuinely use this service to find new music every week. Help me help you.


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