7 Festival photography tips at Verknipt festival 2021

In this video I’m sharing 7 festival photography tips and tricks that I use when I’m working at a festival as a festival photographer. This video was made during Verknipt Festival in the Netherlands in 2021. Which by itself was a special occasion, because this was the first and one of the only festivals that could take place during this summers festival season.

This video is the short version, I have a lot more festival photography tips and tricks in a lounger version of this video. Feel free to let me know if you are also interested in the lounger version. If you want me to make more of these videos in the future. Send me some motivation by giving a thumbs up, subscribing to my channel, or to connect with me on instagram!

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00:00 Tip 1. Start before the festival starts
00:32 Tip 2. Dividing energy at the festival
01:13 Tip 3. Taking candid shots
01:36 Tip 4. Staying in a positive flow
02:44 Tip 5. Shooting indoor festival stages
03:29 Tip 6. Don’t be annoying towards to DJs
04:21 Tip 7. Shoot a festival closing photo

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