45 professional event photography tips in 15 minutes

Below are my 45 event photography tips:

1. Hold your camera loosely
2. Hook your camera with your fingers
3. Shoot with both eyes
4. use your right eye to frame your shot
5. Use your left eye to time your action
6. Set your camera up so that you do not need to go into the menus.
7. How I set-up my ISO controls
8. Choosing a marketing strategy
9. Old vs new social media platforms
10. retaining clients
11. Don’t obsess over gear
12. 5% rule
13. Switching brands
14. Remember this is a business
15. Every other upgrade cycle
16. experimenting with lenses
17. focussing on bread and butter gear
18. engaging with your craft
19. Don’t cheap out on stuff like flash or memory cards
20. using two camera bodies
21. batteries and chargers
22. overcoming limitations
23. networking with your peers
24. don’t think of your competitors as opponents
25. bring food to a job or get good at fasting
26. never stop learning
27. staying engaged with your craft
28. photographing everyone, focussing on VIPS
29. “over covering” VIPs
30. scanning a room
31. listen for the life of the party
32. don’t over linger on a person
33. always shoot with intention
34. Generate 1:1 previews in Lightroom
35. Respect the craft and the profession
36. take and modify what you learn from a mentor
37. shoot often – muscle memory
38. tune out the noise
39. don’t limit your sources of inspiration
40. question conventions – find your own way
41. make sure you’re insured
42. live below your means
43. don’t depend entirely on photography for your income
44 always over dress over under dressing
45. you don’t always need to wear black

I have been a professional event photographer and photography teacher in Los Angeles for over 10 years. Follow the links below to see my work.


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