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Tag: Photography Tips


Basic Photography Tips

by sabrina's stash
Anyone who loves taking photograph will know that there are more to photography than just pointing and shooting, and thus many would not mind picking up photography tips when the chances presents itself. While you may think it sound ridiculous that small improvement can really help the photo, but the fact is that these small adjustment is often what makes or break a great photo. So if you're looking for some photography tips that even beginners can immediately apply, this article will give you that. Read more

Photography Tips : How to Use a Digital SLR Camera

In photography, SLR stands for single lens reflex, and although a digital SLR camera isn't technically an SLR camera, it does have similar versatility. Experiment with the settings of a digital SLR camera with help from a freelance photographer in this free video on cameras and photography tips. Expert: Rebecca Guenther Contact: Bio: Rebecca Guenther is a freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green


D-SLR Photography Tips (Paperback)

D-SLR Photography Tips (Paperback)

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