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Tag: Landscape


The Science Of Great Landscape Photography.

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Australian Landscape Photography - The Definitive Guide

scenery photography
by leafbug

Australia is a country with widespread and diverse scenery. Therefore it does not come as a surprise to find that there is a wide range of Australian landscape photography available. There are many attractions from the Sydney Harbor bridge, all the way through to the Great Barrier Reef. There is Uluru also known as Ayers rock with its deep red colors that are a favorite among photographers. In Australia, there is a nature photographer and Australian landscape photographer named Jamie Paterson. He has taken many photographs at several locations around Australia. His work ranges from New South Wales territory, through to Western Australia and Tasmania.

Another great Australian landscape photographer is Peter Lik. His work ranges from Australian landscape photography all the way through to that perfect nature shot. As a nature photographer, Peter travels all over Australia, along with his passion, in search of giving the public that perfect shot. Peter takes photos ranging from the Cairns area to Australia's outback territory. Peter is world renowned for his photography work. Many of Peter's art galleries can be found all over the USA and Australia. Most of his galleries are situated in the Las Vegas area, and his galleries display a wide array of his photography talent.

Ken Duncan is another renowned Australian landscape photographer. He is regarded as the most well-known Australian nature photographer. Ken is known for capturing the spirit of the object he is taking a photo of. Kens passion for Australian Landscape photography has taken him all over the country. His photography work concentrates on Sydney's landscape and architecture, and the Outback territory, where not many people inhabit. Ken has a very individualistic style to his photography and this has pushed him to the forefront of panoramic photography.

This country seems to be a breeding ground for Australian landscape photography. With many well known and respected photographers, potential clients really have many options to choose from. As many photographers here specialize in different types of photography and given Australia's unique landscapes and landmark scenery, it is no surprise that Australia has the biggest pool of upcoming talent in photography. As a nature photographer, Nick Rains ranks right up there with the best. He has traveled thousands of kilometers as an Australian landscape photographer. He has literally traveled from coast to coast taking pictures of Australia's most beautiful scenery ranging from Bondi beach to the Australian mountain ranges.

In conclusion, Australian landscape photography is regarded as some of the most beautiful landscape scenery in the world. All of this could not be made possible without its natural beauty, or the talented panoramic photographers that bring this scenery to life through their technical ability, and also their natural born talent and determination to turn reality into something so highly loved by the masses. It is the ability of these talented individuals that allows the masses to see parts of Australia that the majority will not ever get to see. We can only see the value of these photographers work going up for the foreseeable future.

Interested in Australian landscape photography? Jamie Paterson is a landscape and seascape photographer based n Australia. He is always trying to capture those elusive perfect moments that nature shares with us and loves to share his seascape photography knowledge to enhance others photographic abilities.

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Basic Photography Tips

by sabrina's stash
Anyone who loves taking photograph will know that there are more to photography than just pointing and shooting, and thus many would not mind picking up photography tips when the chances presents itself. While you may think it sound ridiculous that small improvement can really help the photo, but the fact is that these small adjustment is often what makes or break a great photo. So if you're looking for some photography tips that even beginners can immediately apply, this article will give you that. Read more

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Beginning Digital Photography Tips

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