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Basic Photography

You've finally got your first digital camera. Now you're ready to learn some digital photography basics so you can start taking the kind of pictures you've always wanted. Once you learn some basic digital photography techniques you'll be taking better pictures in no time. This article will tell you want you need to focus on to get great photos..... Read More

Learn Digital photography

In the course of our lives we love to take pictures of our best memorable experiences. Should it be if our kids do anything special, or we're having fun in a party or perhaps a fiesta, it's usually time for you to take out our photographic camera and seize such reminiscences before they disappear for good........... Read More

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COMPLETE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY - guides you through every aspect of digital photography, from shooting through postproduction and printing, to help you master the theory and technical skills required of a great photographer. Read More

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Learn DSLR Photography

Basic Photography


Photography Basics - Important Steps That You should know

by the_ml

Article by Allen IMclub

Photography Basics - What You Need to Know

To Learn about photography basics, you need to start with the understanding of a camera. A camera is actually a sensitive machine, that will follow your command and you'll be capable of taking the image exactly the way you desire it. In fact, there are quite a few photography basics which you need to keep in mind before you push your camera button. The following is an insight into particular elements that needs to be taken into account when you're going for that classic photo or best of it reflection photography!

Creativity using camera controls Mastery over camera controls is necessary in photography basics. You simply cannot do without that. You have to first read the guidebook that most camera manufacturing companies provide with the digital camera. You must know the various modes your camera offers from macro to panoramic, back lighting and others.

If you have got a new Digital slr camera there are several elements that you may have to master and understand to bring out the best composition in photograpjhy basics. A good camera has the ability to provide you with a creative control over the images that you simply shoot. A digital camera can do this by getting you the luxury to manage both movement and light in your photographs and also at the same time it can demarcate between sharpness and softness. Almost all of the commonly available consumer dslr cameras are entirely automated and hence you won't need to make way too many adjustments. But high-end cameras like the Dslr offer the ability to work upon a wider range of controls. So before understanding this photograhy basics, you may even think of clicking away to glory; check the automatic exposure along with the focusing systems, which is a key to achieving a good composition in any photography or reflection photography.

The automatic mode photography basics Most of the digital cameras focus on an automatic mode. The automatic mode can set the main focus along with the exposure for you and all you have to do is click on the subject. The automated mode will help you in situations in which you do not need the luxurious of changing lenses or manually focusing especially when you are taking shot of a moving subject. However in spite of your automatic mode, you need to select a sub-mode such as the night mode for capturing pictures at night, so that according to the sub-mode the camera can adjust itself.

Some key areas on photography basics Some of the key areas that many amateurs overlook are far too basic to get noticed and yet hold lots of significance. For example, you should always check in advance if the battery is full or not. You should not be in a situation where you get a great chance of a classic composition and also the camera battery dies. Check all the minute things and then turn your camera on and set it to the automatic mode. Most digital cameras have an icon which says Auto mode.

Another key photography basics is lighting, which is something you will need to understand and feel to become a professional photographer. Here are some of an important lighting conditions that assist photography composition:

Backlighting: This kind of lighting comes from behind the subject is one of the key important photography basics. If you're unable to control the requirement of backlighting then it can make your photography session into a disaster. Your main pictures will either be over-exposed or burnt. The easiest method to take pictures with high amount of backlight such as the sun behind your subject is by using a fill-flash.

Diffused lighting: As you will learn on the way that sometimes whether or not the lighting is using an artificial source or perhaps a natural source, it could be quite harsh. Once the lighting is harsh, you have got to soften it and try to minimize the contrast. Normally, it's advised not to take pictures in this particular lighting condition. It is extensively encountered in landscape or nature photography and the best you should do is come back at a different time when the lighting conditions are more desirable.

Framing This is an important aspect of photography basics and you also need to frame your subject before you can push the camera button to take the picture. The automated mode gives you a well-prepared platform however, if you can't frame the main subject then the final outcome will never be to your liking. photographs could become hazy, blur or even distorted. You are able to frame the subject utilizing the viewfinder or the LCD monitor. Digital cameras have the zoom view also. When you need to bring the subject closer then press the optical zoom or digital zoom as necessary. Once all of your elements come in place, then go ahead and click the picture.

There will be times when you may not be satisfied with the end result regardless of having framed the subject and following a guidelines. Do not be disheartened! The best way to move ahead is by testing controls and through improvisations! These photography basics should help you with the basic knowledge when taking a nature or reflection photography.

About the Author

Learning photography basics can be a challenging and exciting experience. Somehow, you may encountered frustration as well when some of the photography basics does not work according to your desire. Don't worry, there are more tips and resources available.Go to Photography Basics Tips.

Learn more on tips and resources, Visit Photography Reflection.

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