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Basic Photography

You've finally got your first digital camera. Now you're ready to learn some digital photography basics so you can start taking the kind of pictures you've always wanted. Once you learn some basic digital photography techniques you'll be taking better pictures in no time. This article will tell you want you need to focus on to get great photos..... Read More

Learn Digital photography

In the course of our lives we love to take pictures of our best memorable experiences. Should it be if our kids do anything special, or we're having fun in a party or perhaps a fiesta, it's usually time for you to take out our photographic camera and seize such reminiscences before they disappear for good........... Read More

Complete Digital Photography

COMPLETE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY - guides you through every aspect of digital photography, from shooting through postproduction and printing, to help you master the theory and technical skills required of a great photographer. Read More

Simple DSLR Tips and Tricks

Today we look at some basic tips and tricks for DSLR cameras. Twitter- Hosting- Music- http Camera: Canon EOS T2i/500D Lens: 18-55 Kit Lens Setting: 30FPS, 400 ISO Simple DSLR Tips and Tricks Simple DSLR Tips and Tricks Simple DSLR Tips and Tricks Simple DSLR Tips and Tricks............ Read More

Introduction Of Digital SLR Photography

According to the psychologists, people tend to get visually inclined nowadays. Most of us prefer to use our eyes to get the message from others. However, we wish to preserve the beautiful things to see and analyze too. How can we do it? We can use the camera to help us to do so.... Read More

Learn DSLR Photography

Basic Photography


Qc Photography Club Federation Of Philippine Photographers Federation Old Philippine Photography Basic Photography Workshop Philippines

Article by raquel torres

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PART ONE OF TWO This video is a tutorial on how to use your camera to create an image with their most important five purposes. Enjoy. Music: Flamenco Sketches by Miles Davis Video Rating: 0 / 5


Digital Camera Basics

Article by Daniel Collins

As technology is advancing every day, it’s no wonder that electronics are becoming cheaper all of the time. One of the biggest examples of this would be the digital camera.

Many years ago, to buy a digital camera you would have to fork out hundreds of pounds for one of the simplest models and some of the most basic specifications. However these days you can pick up a quality camera with some great specifications for as little as £30.

With there being so much choice currently on the market it can be a little confusing on what to get. If you are a keen photographer then you will most probably already know, however if you are simply an amateur who likes to take photos of friends and family for fun then it can be a little confusing. Most good quality cameras will now come with a specification including a 5+ megapixel rating. The higher the megapixels on your camera the better the quality of the image you will receive. However, the higher the megapixel, the more space that image will take up on your memory, so if you plan on having a camera that takes photos in high megapixels then you should also consider buying a larger memory card to go with your camera.

With so many cameras currently on the market you will have so much choice when coming to purchase one. The cameras all vary in size, weight and design and will suit different people in different ways.

Also, many”">digital cameras these days come with a built in function to allow you to record video and audio. This can be a great advantage rather than buying camcorders separate and can also save you a lot of money. Some of the best deals can be found if you shop online as sometimes discount is offered for online shoppers.

About the Author

An experienced author from the UK

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Digital Photography: A Basic Manual

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The Digital Photography Book, Part 3

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