Basic Photography Tips

by sabrina's stash
Anyone who loves taking photograph will know that there are more to photography than just pointing and shooting, and thus many would not mind picking up photography tips when the chances presents itself. While you may think it sound ridiculous that small improvement can really help the photo, but the fact is that these small adjustment is often what makes or break a great photo. So if you're looking for some photography tips that even beginners can immediately apply, this article will give you that. Human Portraits If the majority of the pictures you're taking is of human portraits, then try to be as creative in the poses and settings. Although the rule of the thumb wen taking portraits is to keep it as simple as possible, it might not hurt to try to dress it up a bit. Instead of taking the boring look in the camera and smile type of photos, try to encourage the subject you're trying to take to strike different pose, such as a playful one or one that exude a special bond or connection between them. The next time you're taking a family portrait, try asking the parents to to carry the kids instead of having them to just sit in one line and face the camera. The more natural their movement the better it makes a portrait photo. Another tip is to simply get out of the studio and use your surroundings as a setting, often it makes a much better picture because it allows more natural flow to the photo itself. Landscapes Photography   First thing you can do to spice up those landscape photos is to keep an eye out on the colors in the picture. Always try to have a contrast to what you're taking, try not to pit a lake against a clear blue sky, instead have the shot in the evening with the sun set, this way it can creates more visually stunning effects, and it does not look all blue in the picture. One more tip to improve your landscape photo taking technique is to include at least three different elements in your photo. Take for example the sun set and lake photo, it have three elements which is the setting of the sun, the sky turning orange, and how golden the lake might look. This way it creates better effects for the photos and can make for great collection in years to come.
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